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Private guitar lessons, community forum, 24/7 student support, and a lot more. Join in and take your playing to the next level!

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open to all levels

gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy

No matter if you are a complete beginner or you've been studying for several years, you are welcome to get extra coaching and boost your guitar skills!

Personal guidance

gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy

The lessons are all personalized to the level and needs of the student. During the first session, we'll get to know each other, you will play for me a bit of what you've been working on recently and then we will build up a personal development plan that fits your needs from there!

gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy


You can select the membership that fits your needs, from 1 lesson a month to 1 every week. You are free to upgrade or downgrade at any time to accommodate your practice availability!


gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy

You can specify in the booking if you like to work on repertoire, technique, music theory or any other aspect that you'd like to get to know better. You decide how to make the most out of your lessons and I'll be your helping hand!

Guitar lessons in Maastricht

looking for an experienced guitar teacher to improve your musical skills? Look no more!

The lessons are suitable to students of all levels, ages and musical tastes.

You can choose if you prefer to have 1h lesson every week or every second week. You can also get one single lesson to try it out without commitment!

All studying material will be provided by me, which includes: Technical exercises, Scores, Songs Chords and all explanations given during the class written down for the student.


Check below which lesson plan fits your wishes and schedule. Check the FAQ for any doubts you may have (if your doubt is not listed in the questions, please, feel free to contact me with the contact form anyways, I'll be happy to help you!)



Fill in the contact form below and I'll get back to you to schedule you first session!

let me know in the comment box about you, your level and the pieces you've been working on the most recently so that I can prepare the lesson beforehand.

Online lessons

join the Online Academy and get lessons from the comfort of your home! 


All you need to do is to choose the Membership that fits your lesson needs the best and join the MFA!


After completing the payment you will be able to access your MFA member profile and book your guitar lessons with our online scheduler as well as consult the score library, take part in the forum Forum, and many more features!



Just, sit, take the guitar and enjoy learning with all the content of our exclusive Member site!

gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy
gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy
gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy


gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy

Music Theory


 Ever wondered why music theory didn't make sense? The key to learning basic music theory is to learn and use the same systems that all us, musicians, use. Learning basic music theory is absolutely necessary to communicate with other musicians. Whether we are writing a song together, playing a show on stage, or just jamming at the house, we have to know how to talk about what it is we're playing. If you want to finally want to make the step to understand  how music works, book a lesson now because we have a lot of exciting lessons ahead of us!

gitaarles maasticht MFA Academy

Technique program

 No matter your level, I believe that working on technique is essential to develop a healthy and efficient way of playing. Technique is what will allow you to merge together all your knowledge and heart with an outstanding and virtuosic interpretation. Yet, for reaching a high-performance level, there are a ton of different aspects to be aware of, consider, practice and develop with proper guidance.

Every student is different, we've all got different backgrounds, natural skills and habits and not all methods can apply for every person. But don't you worry! I'm here for you, to help you out bring in all this information and control to your technique practice plan.

Trial Lesson
30 min




"What a fantastic teacher.  Merce is fun, energetic and generous with her time, and she did a wonderful job tailoring my lesson plans to accelerate my development.   Her own abilities and extensive knowledge of technique and theory are inspirational.  


I would recommend Merce to anyone looking for a dedicated, patient and very experienced guitar instructor."



"Websites beloven dat je binnen een paar weken al liedjes kan spelen. Er wordt ook gesuggereerd, dat het makkelijk is om gitaar te spelen. Ik was er snel achter, dat dat niet waar is. Vervolgens nam ik privé-les; drie verschillende leraren vroegen mij, wat ik wilde leren en pamperde mij. Een echt leerplan kon ik niet ontdekken.


Toen kwam ik uit bij Merce Font. Zij belooft niets, behalve dat er hard moet worden gewerkt. Ze geeft ook veel tips, die een beter gitaarspel ondersteunen, zoals de juiste speelhouding of de lengte van je nagels. En – anders dan bij anderen – moet er direct vanaf bladmuziek worden gespeeld. Niet schrikken, dat gaat letterlijk spelenderwijs.

Om kort te gaan: Merce Font stelt je in de gelegenheid het beste in jezelf naar boven te halen".


L. van Hulst

"I've been following lessons for about half a year with Merce now, in the lessons we maintain a nice mix of technical exercises and songs. She is very openminded, I can bring my own songs to play in the lessons and she adapts the exercises to what I am strugeling with at that moment.


Since i started taking lessons with her my guitar play improved a lot!"


About Me

My name is Merce Font. I am a classical guitar player from Barcelona, Spain.


I began my studies at the Escola de Música Sant Gervasi in Barcelona. I passed the four elementary courses in just two years, and performed my very first solo and chamber music recitals. Continuing my training with Bosnian concert guitarist Alen Garagic, I completed six years´ worth of professional-level conservatoire education in only two years.


In 2012 I began studying with the renowned Italian artist Professor Carlo Marchione. During my bachelor studies,  I attended masterclasses with leading guitarists including Ricardo Gallén, Marco Socías, Margarita Escarpa, Adriano del Sal, Andrea de Vitis, Jerome Ducharme, Lorenzo Micheli, Duo Montenegrin, Paul Galbraith and Zoran Dukic.


Under the tutelage of Goran Krivokapić, I completed a master´s degree in Classical Guitar performance at Luca School of Arts in Leuven, Belgium,


I have performed more than 15 solo recitals and 50 chamber music concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain, with recent appearances at the PAS Festival and Magisch Maastricht. I run my own recording studio and give private guitar lessons to students of all ages and levels.




 1h lesson per week.

18 lessons per year.

Location: Merce Font's guitar studio.

Reschedule lesson 48h before.

Scores & Technique Exercises.

Total: 80€ per month


You also get...

  • Access to all Educational material.

  • Access to Membership Forum.

  • Early access to Youtube releases.

  • Behind the scenes (daily videos).

  • Informative newsletters, brochures and other materials.


2 sessions per month




 1h lesson per week.

36 lessons per year.

Location: Merce Font's guitar studio.

Reschedule lesson 48h before.

Scores & Technique Exercises.

Total: 160€ per month


You also get...

  • Access to all Educational material.

  • Access to Membership Forum.

  • Early access to Youtube releases.

  • Behind the scenes (daily videos).

  • Informative newsletters, brochures and other materials.

  • Top supporter: Your name listed in the credits of all videos.

  • Priority Support in the Forum.



4 sessions per month



single lesson

 1h Lesson

No commitment.

Location: Merce Font's guitar studio.

Scores & Technique Exercises.



1 individual lesson


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have/bring a guitar to the lessons?

Definately YES. You need to have a guitar for many reasons: The guitar is a personal instrument in which is of lots importance the touch of it (dimensions of the fretboard, material, widness of the neck wood, etc... Because of this it is not good do the lesson with a guitar you don't know and don't play regularly with. Another important reason is that it makes not sense if you take guitar lessons but then you have not an instrument for yourself for practicing at home what you worked during the lessons.

Can I have a guitar lesson anytime I want or is there a regularity required?

All the students must have a scheduled programed, which means that has to have a regularity in the lessons (weekly or each two weeks, as prefered) but It is not possible to come once in a while to the lessons because it loses all the meaning of what learning an instrument is. To have progress and develop as a player and musician one needs weekly training and lots of practicing, if one of both is missing the the process of learning is blocked, therefore it is important to have from the student enough practicing and from the teacher a good and regular coaching of the student's developement.

When and how are the payments of the lessons done?

The payment will be done billed automatically every month with the exception of the Single Guitar lesson, which you pay for one lesson at a time. In the begining of the academic year you receive an email with all the details needed to book the first month of lessons and complete the payment. This process will be automatically repeated every month thoughout the year.

Which kind of guitar should I buy as my first guitar?

It depends basically what you wish to play. If you want to learn the top solos and riffs of your favourite band guitarrist then you should go for an electric guitar. For a beginner I personally don't recommend so much the acoustic (or electroacoustic) guitars because are very hard to start with for the hands because are the kind of guitar with most tension at the neck and the steel strings make it even more painful for right and left hands... On the other hand, if you like to play chords and sing along, fingerpicking or classical pieces then you should think of buying a Classical (also called Spanish) Guitar.

What do I need for starting the lessons?

For getting started and book for your first lesson you only need to have a guitar (doesn't matter which kind of guitar) and lots of enthusiasm for learning and discover tones of new music!

What about if I get sick and I can't attend the lessons? Will I lose my money?

If unfortunately you get sick for a week or two, don't worry, we will get back the lessons that you couldn't do during that period :)

If I have lessons at your Studio, can I be part of the MFA Community also?

Of course! Actually all regular students get to register through the Online Academy in order to gain access to the MFA community for you to enjoy and learn with the content that gets regularly posted. Once you have purchased your desired Membership, you only need to go to and log in with your email. Yes, it's that easy! Now you are part of the Academy as a student and can enjoy all the events and content anytime!

I live nearby Maastricht, can I get both, in location lessons and online lessons?

Yes you can. All you have to do is join in in the MFA Online Academy at as a Member (Starter, Pro or Vip student depending on what you prefer). In this way you will be log in the system as a Member so you can manage all your bookings and activity through your Member Profile. Remember though that for booking lessons in location, you have to consult first the calendar availability with Merce Font personally. For this you can send a chat message using your Member account or just drop an email using the contact form at

Is there any difference with Online Academy Students and the Lessons in Location?

No, there is no difference in any way. All the students register via the MFA Online Academy. After you have purchased your Membership you will be able to enjoy the benefits until you cancel it. Anytime, no commitment. The only difference is that, if you get your lesson online and are a VIP Student, you also get the possibility to get your lessons recorded and sent to you upon request aside from several other bonuses. Please see for more details.


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