About my private lessons

I would like to share my knowledge to all those who wish to improve their playing of the instrument, getting some structure in their practicing or deepen their theoretical knowledge of music about counterpoint, harmony, solfege, auditory analysis or the fundamentals of music itself.

Know more about the lessons reading the information below:

  1. Guitar Lessons
My lessons are suitable to students of all levels, ages and musical taste. The guitar lessons happen weekly or monthly, at student choice.

 - Weekly: One private lesson of 60min a week.

 - Monthly: One private lesson of 2h every month where I check the progress of the student with the homework  previously given during the first hour and we work out new material during the second. 

All studying material will be provided by me during the lessons. Some of the materials which the student receives are:

  • Technical exercises sheets

  • Music scores

  • Songs

  • Chords charts

  • Personalized practice schedule

2. Music Theory Lessons
Those classes are thought for beginners and all those persons who would like to deepen their knowledge into the Basics of the Music.

The subjects of the lesson are:

  • Ear Training

  • Dictation

  • Fundamentals of Music

  • Harmony

  • Counterpoint

Each lesson will be personalized according to the student development.

"What a fantastic teacher.  Merce is fun, energetic and generous with her time, and she did a wonderful job tailoring my lesson plans to accelerate my development.   Her own abilities and extensive knowledge of technique and theory are inspirational.  


I would recommend Merce to anyone looking for a dedicated, patient and very experienced guitar instructor."


"I´m so lucky to have Merce as a teacher for my first steps into learning guitar (and my attempts to play the songs I love). Merce has cool taste in all kinds of music, loads of patience for total beginners, and creative ways to help you understand theory, rhythm, the feel and beauty of the music.... and to learn how to make your fingers do what you want them to. Her love for music and desire to share it makes the difference."


"I've been following lessons for about half a year with Merce now, in the lessons we maintain a nice mix of technical exercises and songs. She is very openminded, I can bring my own songs to play in the lessons and she adapts the exercises to what I am struggling with at that moment.


Since i started taking lessons with her my guitar play improved a lot!"



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