New transcription of I.Albéniz music!

We just released a new transcription!!

This month we are celebrating 1 year of nonstop work with the release of the one and only Catalunya from Albéniz! 🎼Maestro Marchione did an amazing transcription work for this one with really brilliant solutions for this insane piano middle section. It's a beautiful coincidence, totally not intended, to have this piece released at this special date, because, for those who don't know, Catalunya is where I come from 😍❤️

I can't believe we managed to bring one new classical guitar transcription every single month since August 2018 until today. It seemed impossible at times to get extra hours to work on the transcriptions, rewriting them on the computer, making the Tetris to lay them out perfectly, with multiple fingering ideas, suggestions and personalization for different kinds of players, producing a nice artwork among so many other details involved... Carlo Marchione is a touring concert player and teaches in 4 different conservatoires (next year it will be in 5! Lol!) and I am finishing my Master studies, thesis, as well as teaching and dealing with several other projects, so every finished score that we published was a great achievement for us, an achievement of very strict self-organization and lots of hours of work and I can't believe it's now a year since we've been holding up!!

Listening to amazing players performing and recording our transcriptions make me very proud, happy and most of all, gives me the motivation to keep working to bring more and more music, unknown composers or rarely transcribed works to the classical guitar repertoire🎶 ☺️💙

Thank you all for enjoying our work and let's make this August the beginning of many more beautiful projects for the classical guitar!😍🤩🦋

Well, If you want to see what we did so far you can visit the MarchioneMusic Online shop at

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