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Dear reader,

If you are here is because you are considering having lessons with me, and only for that, I am really appreciative of your time and attention!

To put you a little bit in perspective as to how I got to create the Merce Font Academy I have to go back to almost a decade of teaching experience. I've been teaching since before I even started to go to the Conservatory myself. I had a bunch of friends who were constantly asking for help on understanding music, for developing technique, which basically became regular coaching sessions. 

Later on, I moved to the Netherlands and here I've been teaching around 20 students a week since 2012, so, quite a full class...The most exciting thing was that, during that period, I got to teach complete beginners to quite advanced students, and thanks to that I developed a quite personalized and structured way to help students, who came from extremely different backgrounds, to improve their skills on the guitar as well as their knowledge and understanding of music. The variety of levels brought me the need to create my own set of exercises and pieces to help each student, and those exercises range from my own creations to extrapolations of pieces, variations, and extensions from methods until very personalized exercises for very concrete and particular needs of the player.

I believe that having a proper study plan, schedule and regularity is of utter importance in order see results and improvement on the guitar and what I've been missing on my 'in-person' lessons has been the chance to give to the student access to many interesting practice guides and exercises that were born during other student's lessons. Hence the idea behind this Online Academy is not only to give the comfort to the student to get the lessons without costs of transportation and time, but also the possibility to access all these interesting files, read them, practice with it, and eventually find together what helps him/her the most in their musical development at every stage of their progress without having to 'use' your lesson time. So, that will allow us to go a lot more in detail to what you really need and I can eventually refer you to get/read different documents after the lesson to complement your study.

One of the aspects that I'm very excited about in my Online Academy is the fact that we can all communicate and engage in the Forum, share articles, interviews, exercises, experience and anything that helps you in your musical career as well as inspires you for having a super productive practice day! I will be in the Forum to solve your questions and help in anything you ask and the best thing of all is that I'm sure that a question that somebody asks there might eventually solve the same doubt you were stuck with! So, sharing the process not only feels supportive but also improves the quality of your study!

As some of you may have understood already from your own life experience as a guitarist, the guitar lessons are only a fraction of the whole game. Therefore, I also give the possibility to the MFA members to book, not only guitar lessons but also dedicated technique lessons and music theory lessons to expend their range of knowledge as musicians, which, you shouldn't forget that it has a direct impact on how you play! If you want to have regular lessons, I would consider the VIP package, as is meant for those students who want to get their full potential and expand their contact hours by adding some extra time on their monthly lessons.

On another note: I will also be releasing dedicated programs that the members can follow, such as Speed Developing program, Sight Reading Program, Precision Program and many more I have in mind. These programs will be intended to be an 'intensive' course of a concrete duration for the student to follow along with their usual lessons. They are not going to be available all the time, as I can't have 50 students at the same time, so I'll post the news in the news section of the Member Area. As you see, I like to take care of my students, so you can expect that they will always have priority in booking the free spots first. If you want to have access to this news, you can consider becoming a Patron so you will not only support us, but you will also gain access to everything that happens behind the scenes!

I can't wait to welcome you to the MFA and get to work together! If you are curious about how this works, please check this page for all the details.

Anyways, if you have any doubts or problems with your booking procedure, please, don't hesitate to contact me and I will answer you as soon as possible!


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