Merce Font - La Cançó del Lladre (Arr.M Llobet)

After a much too long time since my last music video, I wanted to bring you a piece I've been meaning to record a long time since is very dear to me.

This is the 🎵 Cançó del lladre (The thief's song) and it a Catalan folk song arranged by the one and only Miquel Llobet. I hope this music brings some shine and warmth to these cold winter days 🥰

Maestro Llobet arranged the melody with only two repeats but the original can last about 17min because as a folk song, the lyrics tell a complete story over the repeating melody. Instrumentally though, there is no development so I find the arrangement of Llobet to be a perfect caption of the essence and delicacy of this song.

Either way, I added the lyrics in the description of the video if you fancy knowing the story behind 😊

Wishing you all a happy weekend and see you next Saturday again on my Youtube channel for a new tutorial maybe? Who knows, I'm inspired to do new things lately! hahhaa 😄

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