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Guitar academy

open to all levels

No matter if you are a complete beginner or you've been studying for several years, you are welcome to get extra coaching and boost your guitar skills!

Personal guidance

The lessons are all personalized to the level and needs of the student. During the first session, we'll get to know each other, you will play for me a bit of what you've been working on recently and then we will build up a personal development plan that fits your needs from there!


You can select the membership that fits your needs, from 1 lesson a month to 1 every week. You are free to upgrade or downgrade at any time to accommodate your practice availability!


You can specify in the booking if you like to work on repertoire, technique, music theory or any other aspect that you'd like to get to know better. You decide how to make the most out of your lessons and I'll be your helping hand!

Learn from  Anywhere on any device 



All students with weekly lessons will have, not only the Forum community but also a 24h/7 support via Whatsapp to guide their practice on a daily basis.


Gain access to our growing music library where you can find all the guitar methods leveled by difficulty and a large amount of guitar scores archive. 


If you are looking for guitar online coaching, consider our VIP membership to take advantage of all the features and extra content you get!

Online community

Join in as a member to share, ask or comment in our supportive community Forum!

We'd love to hear your voice!



"What a fantastic teacher.  Merce is fun, energetic and generous with her time, and she did a wonderful job tailoring my lesson plans to accelerate my development.   Her own abilities and extensive knowledge of technique and theory are inspirational.  


I would recommend Merce to anyone looking for a dedicated, patient and very experienced guitar instructor."



"I'm so lucky to have Merce as a teacher for my first steps into learning guitar (and my attempts to play the songs I love). Merce has cool taste in all kinds of music, loads of patience for total beginners, and creative ways to help you understand theory, rhythm, the feel and beauty of the music.... and to learn how to make your fingers do what you want them to. Her love for music and desire to share it makes the difference."

L.van Hulst


"I've been following lessons for about half a year with Merce now, in the lessons we maintain a nice mix of technical exercises and songs. She is very openminded, I can bring my own songs to play in the lessons and she adapts the exercises to what I am struggling with at that moment.


Since i started taking lessons with her my guitar play improved a lot!"

Meet your coach

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Merce Font

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Music Theory


 Ever wondered why music theory didn't make sense? The key to learning basic music theory is to learn and use the same systems that all us, musicians, use. Learning basic music theory is absolutely necessary to communicate with other musicians. Whether we are writing a song together, playing a show on stage, or just jamming at the house, we have to know how to talk about what it is we're playing. If you want to finally want to make the step to understand  how music works, book a lesson now because we have a lot of exciting lessons ahead of us!

Technique program

 No matter your level, I believe that working on technique is essential to develop a healthy and efficient way of playing. Technique is what will allow you to merge together all your knowledge and heart with an outstanding and virtuosic interpretation. Yet, for reaching a high-performance level, there are a ton of different aspects to be aware of, consider, practice and develop with proper guidance.

Every student is different, we've all got different backgrounds, natural skills and habits and not all methods can apply for every person. But don't you worry! I'm here for you, to help you out bring in all this information and control to your technique practice plan.

Or book a one time lesson if you just want to try it out first:

Trial Lesson
30 min

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Learn guitar on your schedule from anywhere

Pay a fraction of music academies prices, starting only at 4€!

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