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Student Memberships from €169

Personalized Lessons

Lessons are tailored to the level, skills, and development of each student. Here's what student memberships include:

  • Schedule flexibility & simplicity: Book any time available in the calendar. No need to ask or go back and forth with emails. Rescheduling is also that simple within your student account.

  • PDF sheet music downloads: Your edited scores are stored in your personal space inside your Student Folder. After each lesson, your newly annotated score will be added to your Student Folder for immediate access.

  • HD multicamera lesson: Ideal when working on technique, position and accuracy. So simple yet so useful!

  • Performance: We want our students to gain experience in performance. When you are ready, you will have the opportunity to perform regularly for your MFA member colleagues. At Performance Seminars, we will discuss tips and ideas to improve your performance skills.

  • Personalized technique program: We will adapt your technique program as you develop as a player. No one size fits all. We are here to help you become the best guitarist you can be!

  • Masterclasses: Attend our Masterclass covering different music topics every month! This is an opportunity to address those essential aspects of music study beyond instrumental techniques. 

  • Lesson replays: Purchase replays to review your session as many times as you need. We will do practice along so that you can make the most out of the replays! Replay videos will remain available throughout the duration of your membership.

Student Membership

MFCommunity €14.99/month

If you are on a budget and one-to-one lessons are out of your reach, don't worry, we've got you covered!

You can join the MFCommunity and have full access to our academy and enjoy all our live events and practice content! Here are the features available to our community  members: 

  • Live Q&A: The group meets with Merce once a month. Submit your questions, doubts or any issues that you are currently experiencing with pieces you are studying and Merce will help you personally!

  • Technique Workshop: Join our live technique sessions (x2/month). These sessions are held via our private Zoom room. Merce will coach the group session and you will have direct access to her. After the event you will get replays available in the member area. These live sessions are opportunities to focus on specific areas of technique carefully planned to facilitate your correct development.

  • 24/7 community support: Use the community to support your study. Ask questions, get repertoire and technical advice. Post your progress videos and get feedback with score annotations. Get answers to quick queries from the group or Merce by chat or group post.

  • Join the Masterclasses: Benefit from our masterclasses with Merce and other international guest artists. Masterclasses will cover a wide variety of topics, such as standard classical guitar repertoire, musical forms, harmony, transcription techniques, music theory applied to the guitar and more. Learning Group members will receive free tickets to all our events.

  • Performance Seminars: MFCommunity members can join to listen MFA Student Concerts as well as participate in post-performance discussions, sharing study tips and performance advice.


x4 One to one lessons
x2 One to one lessons
Personalised Development Plan
Perform at MFA Student Concerts