Knobloch Strings

Today I decided to reward myself by changing my almost 4 months old 😱 Knobloch strings.🥳🤓🌻💪 I'm pretty sure that's the longest time I kept the same set of strings on since I entered the conservatory... lol 🤣 I can happily retire now this beautiful set of powerful and brilliant sounding strings that accompanied me for my final Master recital ❤

Honestly, the bases were really done. K.O. Finished. They have given all they could and more BUT... the trebles... oh god the trebles... they were still sounding better than the new strings I just put on!!! #cantbelieveit 😯 I will miss this beautiful trebles...#dearfriends #youwillbemissed

Unfortunately, I really needed to change them because they were all scratchy and wasted on the right hand 'plucking area'. Instead of nails, I seem to have mini saw chains that cut through the string or something... 🤯😬😳 and the scratchy sound was seriously freaking me out too much to keep practicing on them. Anyone with the same problem? Or is it just me who inherited t-rex nails?🤣

Anyways, after this randomly long post to farewell my strings I want to wish you all a beautiful day full of productive practice and improvement!✌🌻😊🎸🤗 (But don't abuse please, otherwise you'll become too good and it's gonna be hard for me to catch up!🙈)

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