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Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Dear reader,

I hope you are safe, healthy. I know this lockdown can be pretty harsh for those who are used to have a very social and dynamic life so I've been working these last weeks to bring you some interesting articles, music and other material in the Forum for you to learn, enjoy and pass this quarantine period a bit better :)

These last week and a half I've been uploading many interesting articles in the MFA Forum. You will find articles like:

  • How to tune by ear and the different systems that you can use (I know there are tuners, but tuning by ear before practice is still a very useful exercise to do to refine your ear).

  • How to improve your playing with tips that were written in the 19th-century treatises which are tremendously helpful.

  • Various guitar and non-guitar recordings for you to listen.

  • A Documentary that I watch the other day which is super interesting as it gets on many insights of the way Beethoven composed one of his most acclaimed Symphonies.

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In any case, I hope you will enjoy the content and I will forever appreciate your support if you join as a Patron! <3



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