New website, new Online Academy! Come in and enjoy the site!

Dear friends, dear musicians and students, 🥳I’ve got big news to close this 2019! Let me please introduce to you my new 🌐website🌐!!!

It’s been a long time since I wanted, not only to give a new revamp to my website, a new look, and more overall completion, but I really wanted to create a space where my students and I can have our own little community; a place to feel free to ask and share difficulties and successes, chat, follow and engage at any time of the day. I wanted to build a site where it not only matters the time of our online lessons but to open a window to inspire each other and learn from each other at any given moment.

With this idea in mind and 3 weeks of nonstop work on my new site, I finally build the MFA, my new 🎶Online Guitar Academy🏛 with your very own Member Area, profile page, forum, member following/followers, comment/likes/shares and all these fancy things of having our own full fletched guitar community online. The lesson time will be just a part of the whole learning plan, which is going to share space with our online stream meetings/mini-concerts, a continuous discovery of new music, techniques, research and learning in the Forum as well as some more surprises I’ve got in mind for you the near future… :D

Of course, right now I have a limited amount hours available for new students (I still try hard to turn my days to have 100hours but it didn’t happen yet… sorry, but I’ll keep trying though :P ) so I’m opening the doors to 🎸8 new guitarists who wish to get extra coaching form me online. You can check the different pages under ‘Online Academy’ you will see how awesome the online lessons actually are (and we are not talking just a Skype video call… ;) ).

I also took into account all the people who write to me on a regular basis, who enjoy my work and love to share guitar music together on a daily basis but who might not be into having classical guitar lessons right now. For these ones, I created a small Patron subscription which will grant them access to the entire community and to all my exclusive content for a very small price. This will 🌷help me enormously🌼 to be able to dedicate more time to create more exciting content, music, recordings and have more hours for my students in the future.

So, I think it’s enough talk already. It’s time to let you go and visit the site, nose a little bit around and hopefully enjoy your surfing with the new design! 😃Hugs, Merce

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