5 Free Apps to Schedule your Lessons, easily and effectively!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Dear fellow musicians, teachers and students,

I recently published a new video that combines with my previous release of 'Getting Started with Online Teaching'.

In this new video (5 Free Apps to Schedule your Lessons, easily and effectively!), I'll show you 5 different methods you can use to schedule your appointments faster and more effectively. This will not only free up time from your own work as a teacher, but will also make the planning clearer for everyone which will benefit the teacher as well as the students.

As a teacher, it is very important to get to know the attendance ahead of time, and those who combine teaching with other activities (Festivals, masterclasses, concerts, recordings, etc...) it's thus, really useful to be able to plan out months ahead. 

On the other hand, the student gets also a lot more freedom to accommodate the days of their lessons and thus, having a chance to organize better their practice. Knowing when there will be one week without lessons, becomes useful for the student as they can get to practice the hardest pieces knowing they will have more time to work on it, and thus, taking more benefit from the lesson as they will be better prepared. The same thing goes for these occasions when, due to various circumstances, one has to schedule two instrument lessons in the same week. In that case, if you know it within a month time, you can make sure you have two different works to bring into each lesson so that you can take benefit from both.

On top of that, if you use the 1st system I recommend in the video, your students can indicate what they will be performing on each lesson, so when two students are practicing the same piece (or are simply interested to know more about another piece that a classmate is currently studying), they can attend each other's lesson, making the class group a lot more dynamic, sharing and interested, not to mention the fact that educational wise, it's a great deal for them!

As you can see, I find that the possibilities that one can get from being a bit more organized and having a better system can impact very positively on everybody involved with a very little 'upgrade' to the old school paper agenda.

I hope this video will help other musicians and I really hope you will try it out. I don't think we will have a better time to test such things being that nowadays, due to the Covid19 we all need to connect with each other via the internet.

Enjoy the video and I'll keep working to bring more useful tips for you on my Youtube Channel! Consider subscribing if you don't want to miss my next updates! 🎼😃



Link: https://youtu.be/xkwxCa7mdu0

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