Free Guitar Workout with Merce!

Updated: Aug 28

Dear MFA students and members,

Today I want to make an exciting announcement! On Sunday 14th at 20.30 GMT+2 I'll be hosting a FREE 30min Workshop for all MFA Members!

In this session, we will be covering some basic aspects of guitar playing, technique, and/or music concepts.  The point of this workshop is that you can be with your guitars, from your home, and follow along playing with me the exercises so that you can have a guided and controlled practice session. I will write exercise variations for each level, so all players, from complete beginners to advanced, are all welcome!

The music sheet will be shown on-screen, so there is no need for you to prepare anything in advance. At the end of the session, a Q&A session will follow. 

The Workshop will be a private stream (you'll get the link upon registration) and I want to create a very dynamic session where you can all ask questions in the live chat and get immediate feedback to your doubts. Therefore, your participation and attendance are the most important.

If I see that you are interested in such events and most of you attend, I'll try to host them more often! So please, register now and let's make an awesome Guitar Workout session!

See you on the other side!



For those who wish to attend the Workshops as external students, you can purchase a ticket for 6€ here below or join in as a Patron for 4€/month and gain access to all our content!

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