How to repair a broken nail (step by step)

Hi everybody!

It is again Saturday and with it... new guitar video! This time on a hot topic for guitarists: Nail repair 💅🏻

I must be honest, I rarely break nails, but even so, I think it's good to have an emergency solution to go to as such things always happen in the worse moments (I know by experience, believe me 😅)

So, this video is to show you what I do when I break a nail. This is a temporary and quick repair so this method is not meant to be used on a regular basis.

It has certainly helped me on multiple occasions because is very fast to set, it falls off by itself after some weeks and, if you do a good job, soundwise can be surprisingly good.

So I hope this week's video will help some guitarists in need out there! 🆘 If you find the video useful, please share it with other guitarists to spread the word!

I wish you happy practicing!


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