New Tutorial: Making a website for musicians

Updated: Aug 28

Dear fellow musicians,

I just made a NEW TUTORIAL for all those who have been asking me how I set up Carlo Marchione's website and mine to accept reservations online! In this video, I'll be showing you from the ground up, how to create your own site and start accepting your own bookings in a very simple and quick way ⚡️

🎥The first part will be published on Siccas Youtube Channel, the second one you can watch it here:

🖥I really hope you will find this video useful and motivating to start creating your own amazing website where to funnel and control all your work. If you have any doubts please, feel free to drop a comment or contact me! 📩

📮SHARING IS CARING: If you know another musician who might be interested in having their own website, please share this video, I'll be happy if more and more musicians can benefit from my content 😃

Best wishes to all of you!!! 😌🌞


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