Performing at in Contemplus Festival

I'm happy to announce that I'll be performing for the Contemplus Festival in NL this 29th of May!

I'll be playing:

- Canticum by Brower

- Hommage a Tarrega by Turina

- Three Forest Paintings by Vassiliev

The performance will be a combined with special visual effects made by the artist Yuyeon Cho!

I'm really looking forward to how it will be, but the project sounds already very exciting to me, you can't miss it!

Hope to see you all there!



About the Festival:

"CONTEMP+: original music meets original art" is an exciting new festival that features artists of the Jan van Eyck Academy and contemporary composors of the Maastricht Conservatory.

On this interdisciplinary happening we proudly present four world premieres of innovative collaboration-projects.

Including a chain of musicians through Maastricht city, visuals and electronic music, installations with live music and many more. Furthermore you can listen to various live music performances of contemporary and classical music.

Come and experience art and music that crosses borders!

Join us on the 23rd of may from 7-11 pm for the Contemp+ festival at the Jan van Eyck Academy and the Maastricht Conservatory.

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