How to practice scales (Download PDF here)

Have you ever felt like the hours you're spending practicing scales are not impacting your musical performance as much as you would expect? Have you also spent countless hours in your lifetime pursuing faster and faster speed on scales but left feeling that you just improved a bit your speed and coordination? I've been there, trust me.

Therefore, today I want to show you a way to bridge the technique together with the music during your scale-routine. The exercises I'll be showing you, will not only still demand you to work on speed and coordination but also refine your rhythmical understanding, precision, your capability to control all gradations of articulation, dynamics and color. All elements that are essential in any good performer.

To make your practice easier, I've put together a PDF that you can download for free here below. I really hope this Scale Guide will make your practicing more enjoyable and fruitful!

I wish you great practice time and see you around!


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