Vlog #9, TIPS for playing HARMONICS on the guitar

Today's vlog: TIPS for playing HARMONICS on the guitar. Concert day (Part 1). Today I'm heading to Vallendar (Germany) to play in duo with Maestro Carlo Marchione at the Festival Vallendar GitarrenTage. I'm so excited to show you how it's going to be! We will be opening the concert with some wonderful music of Morricone which uses A LOT the natural harmonics of the guitar.

So I share with you some tips that can be useful to get better sounding harmonics in the upper frets! :) I hope that you enjoy it, find it useful and entertaining! You can always Subscribe to my channel to be part of this family, I'll be delighted to welcome you here! Feel free also to write a comment and tell me what you think and if my tips were useful for you :)

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